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http://www.MedAME.com Cure Chronic Neck & Back Pain The Neckpro.Neck & Back Pain Exercise Device 10-minutes a day for a week to get relief from lower back pain, pinched nerves, fibromyalgia & chronic myofascial pain.

“What If SUDDENLY You Realized Everything You Thought You Knew About Cervical Traction for Neck & Back Pain Was a Lie? ”


– Steve Laurvick, President Affordable Medical Equipment, Inc.       

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  • Why Hospitals and Nursing Homes are dangerous places for anyone with an open sore or weakened immune system.

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Benefits of Using NeckPro

* Promotes relaxation
* Reduces stress and tension
* Reduces, if not eliminates, the need for costly pain medication
* Aids in returning to normal sleeping habits
* Reduces the effects of aging on the spine due to gravity
* Aids in returning normal neck mobility, flexibility and range of motion
* May postpone or eliminate surgical intervention for cervical disc disease
* Aids in returning the spine to its anatomical posture

Dear Dr. Gilliam:

I am writing to congratulate you for developing the therapeutic cervical traction device. I also wanted you to know how much your NeckPro helped me to stay active in doing volunteer work and playing sports.

At age 65, I started playing volleyball and other sports in the Senior Games. I found that some sports irritated my arthritic neck, and the only way I could get relief would be to apply some form of traction. After going through therapy at a local hospital several times, I purchased a traction device that applied traction by filling a bag with water and hanging over a door. This was not very efficient; as a set amount of water did not supply the exact amount of traction I needed on any given day.

With the NeckPro, I can quickly and easily apply the right amount of traction to get the relief I need. Now at age 79, I feel confident that I will be able to continue participating in Senior Games. With the help of the NeckPro, I believe I will be able to play table tennis, badminton and swim for many more years.

If I become aware of anyone that experiences the same cervical problems that I do, I will certainly recommend that they try the NeckPro to keep them active.


Gene Blaes

Just over a year ago I fell and compressed four vertebrae in my back. I was visiting a chiropractor four and five times a week to relieve the pain. I also experienced extreme sensitivity in my shoulder and back and numbness in my hands and feet. I had some trouble returning to work because clothing caused pain in my shoulder and back.
Neckpro Home Cervical Neck Traction Pain Relief & Excercise DeviceGet Details & Buy it Click Here

I purchased your NeckPro and began using it every other day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. I was able to reduce my chiropractor visits to once a week within three months and stopped taking pain medicine for my shoulder and back. I was able to return to work soon after with only mild problems with sensitivity.

I am still working with my chiropractor and using the NeckPro as I need it. I want to thank you for the NeckPro and all it has to help me through this experience.

Tom Armstrong


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