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http://www.medame.com/Walkin-Baths-Adjustable-Angle-Rotating-Suction-Cup-Grab-Bar.html Walkin Baths Call 1-888-787-6554 or visit our FB Page at: Facebook.com/DisabledBaths

Walkin Baths

Luckily, there are several products available that can make any walkin baths accessible without requiring a contractor to add expensive permanent adaptations. The most important of these, especially for seniors and those with limited lower mobility, is the bath lift. A bath lift can safely lift and lower a person into a bath tub and allows the user to maneuver with out the help of a care giver. This not only makes bathing safer, but increases the user’s level of independence.

Disabled baths are simple to operate and the controls on most modern models are usually quite intuitive. The structural components should be made with water resistant materials and will need to be strong enough to support the user’s weight. Pay close attention to the weight capacity that is specified by the manufacturer. The lifting and lowering is accomplished through the use of a low voltage DC motor powered by rechargeable batteries. When shopping for bath lifts, there are a few important questions you should always ask.

Walkin Baths

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Walkin baths are home medical devices that can be used to raise and lower an individual into the bathtub. They typically can be installed into the bathtub with no modification to the tub. Many use powerful suction cups to secure to the floor of the tub. People also did not bathe every day and in some countries there were laws that dictated when we could bathe. A lot has changed since then, and with the introduction of the shower head to the walkin baths, people are able to wash every day. But we still love the relaxation that a bath offers. Nowadays, everything from Jacuzzi style tubs to small corner bathtubs offer great variety in our choices for a tub. A bath is now a treat to pamper ourselves when we have some time for ourselves. Since there is no complicated installation they can be moved fairly easily, which makes it possible to take them with you when visiting family or traveling.

Back in the day, baths were not designed for comfort, but instead were just there to get the job of washing done. No one really luxuriated in a bath. They got in the walkin baths, washed up and got out – similar to our showering habits of today.



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