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Home Defibrillator aed defibrillator cost

Home Defibrillator aed defibrillator cost

AED or automated external home defibrillators aed defibrillator cost is a life saving device that is used to deliver an electric shock to the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Early defibrillation is the key to saving a victim. Sudden cardiac arrest can victimize a person of any age group or fitness level. During cardiac arrest, the victim’s heart starts to quiver and beat rapidly; it also ceases to pump blood effectively. Defibrillation helps in restoring the heart beat to a normal rate. As per American Heart Association (AHA) around 350,000 Americans suffer from sudden cardiac arrest and with timely help it is possible to save around 20,000 to 100,000 of them. 

Home Defibrillator aed defibrillator cost

  • The best thing about defibrillators is that these are user friendly devices and can be used by a lay person with minimum training. The standard visual and voice prompt feature in Philips Philips HeartStart AED makes it perfectly easy for the rescuer to use the device. Human life is precious and you can help to save a victim of sudden cardiac arrest by using AED life saving devices.
  • It is crucial that the victim gets timely help because a delay can cause him to lose his life. Philips onsite AED is portable, compact, and easy to use; anyone can use a defibrillator in case of an emergency with some basic training. You can learn to use an AED on the AED trainers, such as Laedral AED Trainer 2, Philips HeartStart FRx Trainer, ZOLL® AED Plus® Trainer2, and Defibtech Stand Alone Training AED. These trainers are perfect to train lay persons and health care professionals to use AED devices in an emergency medical situation.
  • Training helps you to overcome the hesitation and fear of using an automated external defibrillator. You can attend course by American Red Cross which will prepare you to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and you’ll also learn to use onsite AED. These courses are available for people of all age groups and can also be customized to meet the requirements of individuals or groups. By completing the cost-effective course by American Red Cross, you will become a certified rescuer with a course completion certificate which is recognized nationally.
  • In case of a sudden cardiac arrest, every passing minute reduces the chances of victim’s survival. Hence, it is important to impart AED trainings. AED life saving devices and heartstart AED are being used by firefighters, police officers, lifeguards and are available at various places where public gathers, such as railway stations, airports, offices, sports arenas, and casinos.

It is important that the victim gets CPR until the EMS personnel reach the spot. Most people are not aware of the fact that not all the victims of sudden cardiac arrest require defibrillation. Around half of the victims can be revived by CPR which involves chest compressions. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is essential to help in flow of oxygenated blood to brain and other vital organs. It is important to learn CPR techniques and using an AED Home Defibrillator as most sudden cardiac victims die because bystanders are unaware of what they should do to help the victim. You can save the victims of sudden cardiac arrest in your home, workplace or community by learning to use automated external defibrillator and delivering CPR.

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