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Google adsense program allows advertisers to post their brand logo and advertisement on the Internet. Google earns huge revenue out of this campaign. At the same time, Google paves the way for all webmasters to earn a good percentage of their revenue if they can attract ads on their. By posting high quality content on your website you can attract relevant ads by Google and make money. Once a visitor clicks on the ad of your site, Google will pay you for that. If you do not have the time and resource to directly sell your product from your website or go for affiliate marketing, Google adsense is a great way to earn some extra money.

You need to maintain some strategy for earning money by Google adsense. It has to be remembered that Google can figure out any fraud click on the advertisement. So, you cannot repetitively click on the ad on your site or encourage people to click on them mindlessly. It is not hard for Google to identify genuine click of a unique visitor and differentiate fraud use of this ad clicks.

Choosing certain keywords is very important as some key words have more value in terms of generating traffic. High valued key words get frequent search on the search engines. So, if you create content giving more priority on those keywords, you can get good amount of traffic to your site. High priority key words may have huge demand but competition is so keener among websites using these keywords that sometime it is better to use less popular keywords. So, it may be wise to use keywords that have more search value but which is being used by lesser number of websites. You can get a good traction in the competitive market if you can target those keywords. 


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